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Prizes Delivered Straight from Japan

Wow, I just found this out today. How late have I been?! Apparently, there’s an game app called Toreba that you can play on your smartphone. It’s a real-live Japanese crane game and you can actually win the prize shipped straight from Japan. How cool is that? Here’s a few snapshots I got from trying… Continue reading Prizes Delivered Straight from Japan

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Finally! MapleStory 2 Closed Beta

How many years has it been already since the release of the MapleStory 2 Korean version came out?! Well, the wait is now over for North America! You can sign up for closed Beta version here. I remember playing the very first MapleStory Beta version and it was the best game during my childhood. I… Continue reading Finally! MapleStory 2 Closed Beta

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Starbucks Treat Their Gold Members

I came home today to discover a surprise at the door. It was an exclusive surprise box sent from Starbucks promoting their lovely k-cup pods. Everyone has seen k-cups but what this surprise box provided was more than just k-cup pods, it included flavor packets.   The box includes two latte: caramel cafe latte and pumpkin… Continue reading Starbucks Treat Their Gold Members

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Hong Kong/Japan Trip Day 1

This is a trip I took back in November. Sorry for the late posts that will be occasionally updated, as well as, my usual updates. After six years, I am finally embarking on my second oversea trip to Hong Kong and along the way a pit-stop to Japan (my dream country to visit). Let’s start out by saying… Continue reading Hong Kong/Japan Trip Day 1

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Gotta Catch ‘Em All! Pokémon

Exciting news for Pokémon fans today! Pokémon Go has finally launch today in the United States on IOS and Android app. Anyone remember this Pokémon Go promo video from a year ago. This was posted by The Pokemon Company/Niantic.  Yep, this has finally launched and I’m super duper excited to try it. My childhood dream come true.… Continue reading Gotta Catch ‘Em All! Pokémon